Healing Sessions & Certification Classes

Reiki is a hands-on-healing treatment that was created by Mikao Usui in Kyoto, Japan. Jennifer’s Reiki lineage is 5-degrees from Mikao Usui.

She teaches Reiki Certification Classes in the traditional Japanese technique. 

Reiki is a unique, healing therapy used for stress reduction that also promotes healing, detoxification and restores the body to equilibrium through the transfer of beneficial Universal energy.

What is Reiki?

 Mikao Usui                                  Chujiro Hayashi                        Chiyoko Yamaguchi                        Hyakuten Inamoto                              Jyogan Hakata-Kohler and Jennifer

Next Reiki-Level 2 Certification Class:

March 30th, 2019


Next Reiki-Level 1 Certification Class:

March 2, 2019


Jennifer's Lineage:  Komyo Reiki Kai is a lineage just 5 degrees from Mikao Usui