Here’s a Bit More About Us

Fifth Element Yoga & Reiki was founded by sisters, Heather and Jennifer Bellizzi. 

Growing up, their parents always made sure that there was a balance in their lives - a balance of energy, of culture, sports, nature, gratitude and joy; they also instilled in them the importance of community and the desire to share their experiences with others...the studio and its community are a reflection of all of that. 

Fifth Element Yoga & Reiki is a "Come As You Are Studio" that celebrates each person who walks through the studio door and encourages them to build their own personal practice of self-care, wellness and fun!

From classes in Yoga, Mediation, and Zumba, to our Reiki program and many Workshops and Certification options, our welcoming studio and amazing teachers will encourage you to strive to be a part of our community in whatever way feels right to you and most of all, you will be encouraged to feel good and to be the best version of yourself!

People often ask, "Where did the name Fifth Element come from?"  While we loved the movie from years back, we were inspired to name both our online company ( and the Studio "Fifth Element" because we know the 4 elements (fire, water, air & earth) but the 5th Element is ironically often overlooked...the 5th Element is the ether, the “spark,” the human element. 

Through our Studio, we offer a space where people can experience being part of a like-minded community where they can explore self-care, fitness, energy-healing, career expansion and the mind-body connection that all support the "5th Element" and makes the body & the mind feel good! 

We are a Yoga studio that is all heart❤️
We offer classes in Yoga, Meditation + more, as well as seminars + workshops and Reiki private sessions + certifications.

"We lead with our intuition when it comes to hiring staff and we are thrilled with the amazing crew that have found their way to our studio to help guide you on your journey at Fifth Element - we hope you'll feel the same way too!"

-Studio Founders, Heather & Jennifer  

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