For Heather, anxiety was the first reason she was brought to the mat...that feeling after your first class where you feel awful and invincible all at the same time is what has kept her coming back to the mat for the better part of 30 years.

Sometimes to survive, sometimes to thrive, and sometimes to just enjoy and keep balance, Heather knew from day one, Yoga changed her, shifted her and made her grow, and that was something she knew she eventually would need to share and so Fifth Element Yoga & Reiki was created.

Heather’s goal when teaching is to make each person in her class feel safe, empowered, strong, soft and a little (or a lot) bit better than when they walked in.  Her classes are heavily influenced by her love of music and her blend of Vinyasa Flow and Hatha which allow you at any level to find YOUR flow at YOUR pace.

Heather’s vision for the studio has always been to offer a space for people to come as they are and explore what they can be, where from the minute they walk in the door, they always feel welcomed and supported by the community.  She feels that studios can be an important vehicle of hope, support and transformation, so the energy of the studio reflects that anyone of any age, level, size, and mind-frame would feel welcomed to come to the mat at Fifth Element, just as they are.

Whether to heal, to have fun, to strengthen, to stretch, to create or expand a spiritual practice, to make new friends or to be a part of a great lose or gain weight or muscle, to expand their breath, to expand their mind - Heather constructs her classes for whatever you personally are seeking and are there for, and, along with her sister Jennifer, she helped create the Fifth Element Yoga & Reiki studio to be that kind of light and open space that people could truly enjoy and she is thrilled that she gets to be a part of the community she helped create, every day💜

Heather Bellizzi -

Studio Co-Founder & Director

Heather Bellizzi - Studio Co-Founder, Director & Yoga Teacher