Aniko Peraganics - Yoga Teacher

Aniko, who is originally from Hungary, has always had deep passion towards movement. Although life pointed her multiple times in the direction of yoga, she resisted - “I’m not a yoga person”- she said. Sound familiar?

18 years later yoga crossed her path again and she was willing to listen. “Life is such a great Teacher that when you don’t learn a lesson, it will repeat it.”  Yoga and spirituality came into her life 5 years ago, showing many ways to improve her body, creating a deeper connection with herself and guiding her to trust that inner voice. To her, yoga means self-love, self-acceptance and dedication.

For Aniko, leading classes means a humble service, holding space for you to feel safe to meet “you” where you are in life. Come as you are.

Aniko with her energetic, sunny, kind, Cancerian personality is aiming to guide each individual through their yoga practices to get in touch with their bodies, find what feels good and to evoke the best version of themself by cultivating balance between effort and ease and have fun doing so.

She is a RYT 200 - Yoga Alliance registered Hatha/ Vinyasa teacher, receiving her training at Yoga Haven, 2018. She is continuously developing her skills because she believes yoga is a practice for a reason as a student and as a teacher.

Recently she also completed a yin yoga teacher training and is looking forward to sharing more yinsight on the mat.