**Studio Temporary Closure for Renovation **


We hope this update finds you all well💜

The relocation and renovation of our studio is moving forward, albeit slowly, however we remind ourselves that great things take time!

The new location is a space we feel is unique and worth the wait, even though we can’t believe how long the process is taking and we miss our community.

We are very “right place, right time,” so we know that everything is happening under grace and in a perfect way and we will continue to update here as we get the specific dates for our grand reopening.

Three important things we want to address:

1.  We have gotten in touch with most if not all students but if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at any time!

2.  If you have a Groupon, expiration dates do not apply and your Groupon will always be good for exactly what you purchased, or its equal value if you prefer, so please do not worry! If you would like a refund, contact Groupon as we can’t handle that part, but if you have any trouble, let us know and we will do our best to help facilitate the refund in any way we can. Apparently, even though we put our offers with Groupon on hold, they keep coming off hold until we notice it and alert them again which has resulted in people purchasing more Groupons while we are temporarily closed - If that has happened to you we truly apologize and are working with Groupon to remedy it asap and we appreciate your patience with this matter.

3.  We have just a few mats left in our studio storage basket and if one is yours and you do not want to wait until we reopen, let us know & will get it to you right away!

So, thanks again for you patience, and we’ll be back here soon writing with great news📰😊🕉🌈💥💥💥

Stay tuned for more updates here on this page as things progress.

Thank you.