Maria Gabriela Cruz-Andrade is a bilingual nutritionist and certified vinyasa yoga teacher with a collaborative and optimistic spirit. Caring, compassionate, and an innate healer who is passionate about helping others find their inner healer, peace, and voice.

She discovered yoga in her early twenties as a fun hobby to help her stay fit and flexible. She loved acroyoga, a mix of yoga and acrobatics. An injury and breakdown in health taught her to be gentler with her body. After recovering, she slowly started incorporating more yoga in her life, especially when outdoors: she would unroll the mat, flow, and blend with nature.

This slower kind of practice gave her a sense of wellness she had never experienced before. But it was not until after surviving a mentally abusive relationship at the age of 27 that she could find in yoga the compassion, understanding, healing and peace that she was desperately seeking for.

Gabriela started being more consistent in her practice, and not long after experiencing the healing side of yoga she felt called upon to deepen her knowledge and be proficient enough to help herself and others in a better and more transcendental way.

On January 2018, she traveled to Costa Rica to get trained as a yoga teacher with The Yoga Home Academy and has been teaching since then.

Gabriela is a firm believer that through holding space, uplifting and soothing words, breath, and movement, a room for miracles and transformation is created.


Maria Gabriela Cruz Andrade-

Yoga Teacher (On Maternity Leave)